PPG Sponsoring Chihuly exhibit at Phipps Conservatory 

PPG sponsoring Chihuly exhibit at Phipps Conservatory

Connecting with innovative glass artist

PPG has partnered with the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens to bring the works of glass artist Dale Chihuly to Pittsburgh.

"PPG is delighted to be the presenting sponsor of this special exhibition of beautiful glass set in the natural beauty of the Phipps Conservatory," said Vicki Holt, senior vice president, glass and fiber glass. "In addition, our sponsorship is a great way to help observe the Pittsburgh region's yearlong Pittsburgh Celebrates Glass initiative."

Dale Chihuly is a renowned glass artist based in Seattle. He is known for brilliantly colored organic glass sculptures, and his work is immediately recognizable for its grand scale and use of vibrant colors. Chihuly's spectacular creations are found in more than 200 museums worldwide including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, London’s Victoria and Albert Museum and the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

"At PPG, we believe we have much in common with Mr. Chihuly and his work," Holt said. "We both seek to use glass in new and exciting ways to either beautify or better our world. Put simply, PPG and Dale Chihuly are both innovators in glass."

In addition to sponsorship of the glass exhibit, PPG had an important role in the recent expansion of the Phipps. "Our Solarban 70XL solar control low-emissivity glass was used on the new special events wing of the conservatory for a beautiful window wall," Holt said. "This glass product features an unprecedented combination of solar control and visible light transmittance in a transparent, color-neutral glass."

Holt said the high-performance glass transmits 64 percent of the sun's natural light while blocking 73 percent of its solar energy in a standard one-inch insulating glass unit. "This makes a tremendous impact on annual energy costs," she said. “It was a great match for the Phipps, which uses many other state-of-the-art eco-technologies to make it the most energy-efficient conservatory in the world."

PPG Industries Foundation provided $150,000 to help Phipps bring the Chihuly exhibit to Pittsburgh during the Pittsburgh Celebrates Glass initiative. "We are hoping that as many people as possible view the exhibit and enjoy the special environment at the Phipps," Holt said.

( Solarban is a trademark of PPG Industries.)

Chihuly At Phipps: Gardens & Glass

May 10 – November 11, 2007

(PITTSBURGH, PA) Phipps is proud to present the works of artist Dale Chihuly in a spectacular exhibit designed exclusively for our conservatory.

Right here in our lush and inspiring gardens, Chihuly has planted an exhibit of his wild and wonderful creations -- and the result is simply breathtaking. Known for his flamboyant colors, monumental sculptures and outdoor displays, Chihuly is also famous for his creative collaborations. Inspired by our Victorian glasshouse – one of the oldest in North America, this pioneer in the use of glass has joined with our horticulturalists and landscape designers to create a dazzling fusion of art and nature.

Phipps is pleased to be one of a select group of conservatories around the world to collaborate with Dale Chihuly. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this extraordinary exhibit!

About Dale Chihuly
With vibrant colors, larger-than-life dimensions and a penchant for creative collaboration, Dale Chihuly has revolutionized the way artists look at glass. Always a believer that “more is better,” Chihuly directs teams of people to execute his vision, both in the glassmaking studio and at exhibition locations such as Phipps. A prolific artist, Chihuly’s works can be seen throughout the world, where his love of abstract natural forms brings a fantastical beauty to galleries, residences and a variety of unique venues.

Exhibit Hours
Daily from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm
Chihuly Nights: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings from 7:00 to 10:00 pm