Grant Policies, Guidelines & Online Application 

PPG Industries Foundation has moved to an online grantmaking process. Please review the grant policies and guidelines on this site and apply online, if appropriate. We will be pleased to review your request using the online system. 


Thank you for your commitment to our PPG communities!


Funding requests for a variety of project proposals that advance the foundation's interests are eligible for consideration. These may include capital projects, operating grants and special projects. Determinations are made by the foundation's screening committee and board of directors.

In general, the foundation gives priority to applications from organizations dedicated to enhancing the welfare of communities in which PPG is a resident. Each grant application is reviewed with regard to:

  • The compatibility of the applicant's goals with the foundation's priorities and available resources
  • The financial needs of the organization
  • Past practices of the foundation with respect to that organization
  • Capability and reputation of the applicant
  • The funds available to the applicant from other sources
  • The extent to which the work of the applicant duplicates that of other organizations
  • The public scope and impact of the applicant's proposal
  • The interest of other corporate foundations with respect to the applicant.
To apply for a foundation grant, eligible organizations must submit an online application which includes:
  • Verification of IRC Section 50l(c)(3) government instrumentalities tax-exempt status
  • Organization's mission statement
  • Purpose/objectives of the grant
  • Summary of the project
  • Amount requested and rationale
  • Schedule of implementation
  • Description of the benefits to be achieved and the population to be served
  • Plans for evaluating and reporting results
  • Most recent audited financial report of the organization
  • Financial analysis of the project
  • Name and qualifications of person managing the project
  • Names and affiliations of trustees or board of directors.
Requests for funding are accepted year-round. A member of the foundation staff will contact the organization if more information is needed.

In general, the foundation will not award grants for:
  • Advertising or sponsorships
  • Endowments
  • Individuals
  • Organizations established to influence legislation or support political activities
  • Organizations outside of the U.S. or its territories
  • Projects which would directly benefit PPG Industries, Inc.
  • Religious groups solely for religious purposes
  • Special events and telephone solicitations
  • Operating support to agencies that receive program funds through the United Way allocations process.
Organizations located in the Pittsburgh area and organizations of national scope should direct their inquiries to the executive director of the foundation. Organizations serving communities where PPG facilities are located should direct their inquiries to the local PPG Industries Foundation agent in their area.

PPG Industries Foundation will review applications on a regular basis and will contact all grantseekers with proposals of interest. If you do not hear from us, your prosposal does not meet the strategic interests of the Foundation.

Please direct all questions to foundation@ppg.com.