Disaster Relief Guidelines 

The PPG Industries Foundation recognizes that people turn to us for help when disasters strike the communities in which PPG operates. Manmade and natural disasters can be devastating for our employees, retirees and their families, and suppliers and customers. The PPG Industries Foundation is committed to responding promptly and appropriately so that communities may return to normal as soon as possible.

PPG Industries Inc.’s first priority is safety, security and well-being of PPG employees.

Definition of Disaster
While we would like to provide assistance whenever a disaster strikes, we have limited resources. Disasters that are eligible for corporate assistance are those that:

  • Affect a substantial segment of the community, not one or a few individuals, and
  • Occur in communities in which PPG operates.

Examples might include an earthquake, hurricane, flood, forest fire or other natural disaster in an area where PPG has a plant or headquarters.

Factors Determining Involvement
Factors determining if, how, and how much assistance PPG provides include:

  • Immediately upon declaration as a national or international disaster, the American Red Cross is eligible for matching gifts through the PPG Industries Foundation’s Matching Gifts Program for 90 days.
  • PPG employees or employees of wholly owned subsidiaries who are directly affected by a national or international disaster are eligible to apply for disbursement from the PPG Concern, Assistance & Relief for Employees (CARE) Fund.
  • PPG presence in the affected area. That determination involves:
    • The disaster’s economic impact on the area,
    • The number of employees at the PPG operation,
    • PPG’s position in the community vis-à-vis other area businesses.
  • Amount of damage.
  • Level of disaster impact on PPG employees and operations.
  • Supplier or business partner presence in the area. 
  • Role of other local businesses or PPG competitor in disaster relief.
  • Level of existing infrastructure/presence of nonprofit and emergency agencies in the community.

Resources Available
The company has several resources available, including:

  • Cash contributions from PPG Industries Foundation and/or PPG Industries, Inc.
  • Product donations.
  • Skills of our employees as volunteers.
While sometimes a cash contribution exactly fits the need, at other times, PPG products or volunteers should be considered as a more effective response.

Cash Contributions
Although PPG wants to help in emergencies, monetary assistance at any single location is necessarily limited. Being resourceful in combining cash donations with our products and our people can greatly amplify our ability to help. Cash contributions should be presented and approved by the PPG Industries Foundation Board.

  • PPG will generally donate a cash contribution when warranted, based upon the PPG operations’ size, community presence and other community-specific issues.
  • Cash contributions will be made in U.S. dollars.
  • Cash contributions will be made through a major disaster relief agency or their local affiliate, including the American Red Cross, the International Red Cross, and the Salvation Army. These agencies have been selected because of their expertise in responding quickly to disasters worldwide. Other agencies may be added to the list at the discretion of the PPG Industries Foundation.
  • All donations will be restricted specifically for disaster relief efforts in the affected area.
Product Donation
In time of crisis, local facilities are encouraged to consider donating PPG products. Decisions regarding product donations are made at the local or business unit level and do not involve the PPG Industries Foundation.

• Product contributions greater than $500 per year to an individual organization must be approved by a member of the Executive Committee.

Employee Volunteers
When a disaster strikes, volunteers can provide critical comfort and relief. There’s no better way to demonstrate PPG’s concern for the community than by offering our best resource – our people – during a crisis.

In some cases, volunteers may require special expertise, but other times help may be as simple as filling sandbags to control flooding. In order to ensure that volunteer efforts are consistent with the community’s most immediate needs, efforts should be coordinated through local disaster and emergency agencies.

All efforts, cash contributions, product donations and volunteer efforts must be communicated to the PPG Industries Foundation as quickly as possible so that the overall PPG effort can be shared with employees and others via electronic or print medias.

Please contact the PPG Industries Foundation with any questions at 412-434-2453 or e-mail to foundation@ppg.com.