Strategic Partnerships 

The PPG Industries Foundation seeks to reflect company interests and values by enhancing the quality of life in communities where PPG employees and their families live and work. One of the greatest rewards that a community can reap is to have its strongest institutions combine resources to better serve the residents of the region. The Foundation is striving to build partnerships with organizations that have missions that include prioritizing the development of educational opportunities and ensuring services are accessible to all members of the community. A commitment to education is the common thread between these uniquely collaborative opportunities.

American Chemical Society Scholarships Plus
PPG founded the ASC Scholarships Plus program for underrepresented minorities pursuing chemistry or chemical engineering degrees.

Carnegie Science Center
The Foundation's partnership with the Carneigie Science Center enhances science education of local and regional students.

The Great Color Caper (2006) lets students help solve the mystery of the missing colors from the city of “Spectropolis” as they learn about the nature of light and how colors are derived from light and pigments, sight, and perception.

Fractured Physics (2007) dives deep into Newton’s Second Law (hint: that’s the one about momentum) by demonstrating the amazing properties of glass.

Ion Jones and the Lost Castle of Chemistry (2008) takes a journey to rain forests, deserts, glaciers, ancient temples, and prehistoric carbon deposits to teach students how to use chemistry in industry, biology, technology, and the environment.

Captain Green's Time Machine (2009) focuses on teaching elementary and middle school students about energy and the environment.

Harley-Davidson Museum ‘Color Caper’ show (2012) The comic-book styled program uses interactive multimedia to teach students about light, energy, reflection and color while they help solve the mystery of the missing colors.


Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium
Through a 10-year grant, PPG and the PPG Industries Foundation provide funding to help sustain the zoo. Today, it has become one of the best zoological parks in the world, and one of the most popular family destinations in the Pittsburgh region.  

University of Akron
The Foundation partners with the University of Akron to support hands-on science programs.