Carnegie Science Center 

Carnegie Science Center

This unique partnership between PPG and the Carnegie Science Center enhances the science and technology education of students in the community while providing PPG with appropriate recognition. Outreach programming to local schools and communities using PPG technology is transported by vans with PPG logos and products displayed. The programs include films of PPG scientists at work. 

The four programs directly related to PPG’s science and technology, “Great Color Caper” – all about color, light and perception; “Fractured Physics” – the physics of glass; “Ion Jones and the Lost Castle of Chemistry” – PPG chemistry and "Captain Green's Time Machine" – energy and the environment – have been very well-received in Southwestern Pennsylvania and Ohio. The replication of the “Great Color Caper” with the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, WI has also been very successful. 

Students from Manchester Elementary School in Pittsburgh attended Carnegie Science Center's event across the river from PPG's global headquarters and got to participate in some of the show's experiments as demonstrated by Mike Hennessy, who wrote The Great Color Caper script.

Students learn about physics during several interactive demonstrations.
Children learn about viscosity as part of the "Ion Jones" science class.