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Product quality, a desire for safety, and the need for durability are driving factors when considering eyewear. PPG is the world's largest producer of optical grade monomers used in the manufacture of ophthalmic lenses. Since introducing the first hard resin lens material, CR-39 monomer, in 1945, PPG has become the leading supplier of photochromics to optical manufacturers worldwide and the largest manufacturer of sunglass polarizer. 

Trivex™ Lenses - Tri-performance lenses that offer superior optics, impact resistance and ultra light weight.
Polarized Lenses  - International Polarizer is the world's largest manufacturer of sunglass polarizers.
Transitions ® Lenses   - From Transitions Optical, these lenses are the #1-recommended photochromic lenses worldwide.


Transitions lenses, the #1-recommended photochromic lenses worldwide.
Transitions lenses are the ideal choice for your everyday eyewear, because they are as good as a clear lens but better! They enhance visual quality, visual comfort, and provide convenient protection from the harmful effects of UV radiation and glare. They adjust automatically to changing light conditions—going from clear indoors to as dark as sunglasses in bright, glaring sunlight.

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Transitions Optical, A Leader in Eye Health

At Transitions Optical, we believe that it is no longer good enough just to correct vision. To have truly healthy sight, vision should be optimized for today and protected for the future. This commitment is reflected in our corporate vision: Healthy Sight in Every Light

In the spirit of this vision, and to help ensure more people understand how to achieve healthy sight, we established the Transitions® Healthy Sight for Life Fund, with the mission to: Help Preserve Healthy Sight for a Lifetime

Through the Transitions Healthy Sight for Life Fund, we support, on a global, regional and local basis, charitable organizations whose goal is to help create awareness of the need for eye exams, eye protection and the enhancement of visual quality, and who are striving to help eliminate preventable blindness. With the belief that knowledge empowers people, we provide education on the need for healthy sight and the steps people can take to achieve it.

Learn more about the Transitions Healthy Sight for Life Fund at http://www.HealthySightforLife.org .