Solutions for Industry


PPG will help you take care of business.

Make your products stronger, cleaner, faster, more attractive, more durable, more flexible, more cost-effective and more successful. PPG will help you take care of business while also helping you handle health, safety, and environmental regulations. From the beginning of an idea to the design, manufacturing, processing and packaging, PPG is a key ingredient to your success.


Performance. Durability. Color match. Outstanding services and product support. You get all of the above — with PPG’s thoroughly tested coatings for protective and decorative industrial applications. Visit the following PPG businesses to learn more:


From food and footwear to tires and fiber glass, PPG is part of the manufacturing process in a broad range of industries. With value-added products, innovative technologies and expert resources, we help our customers satisfy their customers.

Processing and Packaging

However you package your business, make sure PPG products, experience, and ingenuity are included. We'll help you look good in steel, aluminum, plastic, glass, paperboard — and in the eyes of your customers.

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