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Corporate Sustainability Report
What is PPG’s approach to sustainability? For us, it has two elements. Sustainability is first and foremost about being a successful business. We do what we do in order to ensure the success and lasting presence of our company for the benefit of our customers, our suppliers, our shareholders, our employees and our neighbors. But, we also act in a way that not coincidentally helps to ensure the life and resilience of our economies, our environment and our society. We believe that these two views of sustainability – sustaining PPG and sustaining the world – are not mutually exclusive, but are very compatible.

This website highlights key areas of operations where sustainable business practices make a critical impact. In addition to the pages presented here, PPG also publishes a bi-annual Corporate Sustainability Report and yearly update (available in PDF format.)

2011 Corporate Sustainability Report Update
Download the 2011 CSR Update (PDF 4.7MB)

2010 Corporate Sustainability Report
Download the 2010 Corporate Sustainability Report (PDF 8MB)

Download the 2008 Corporate Sustainability Report (PDF 5.3MB)
Download the 2009 CSR Update (PDF 3.2MB)