Sustainability at PPG

Environment, Health and Safety

EHS Commitment Statement from Chuck Bunch, CEO

At PPG we take great pride in our long history of continuous improvement in all areas of our company, including environment, health and safety (EHS). The quest to introduce better products and improve current ones across our many businesses reflects our customers’ demanding requirements. Equally important is the need to reduce the impact of these activities on our planet and its people. Society in general, and our customers in particular, demand nothing less.

With continuous improvement as a core value, we use our EHS Process as a management system for conducting our business with care and professionalism throughout the world. We review all stages of new products, from the design or invention to the manufacture and distribution to customer uses and disposal. We want our products and services to be commercial successes and we want to deliver them in ways that protect human health and the environment, including the safety of our employees and the communities where we operate. This is not only the right thing to do, it’s good business. Furthermore, we believe that our ability to meet this need is a significant competitive advantage in a changing world.

PPG is actively engaged in various discussions on a number of important environmental issues because we believe constructive dialogue is an essential ingredient in achieving continuous improvement. As always, we welcome your comments about our performance.