Sustainability at PPG

Environment, Health and Safety

Management Systems - Security

PPG is committed to the protection of all company assets and personnel, and to operating each of its businesses in a secure and responsible manner.

Corporate security professionals develop, implement, and audit global security policies that enables PPG to operate in an ever changing, and sometimes dangerous, world.

PPG businesses, while diverse and widespread, adhere to a common and flexible security program designed to prevent, detect and quickly report security breaches globally.

PPG maintains relationships with government law enforcement agencies, wherever it does business, to cooperate with them and to share information that best serves all constituents.

Recent highlights from PPG’s Security program includes:

  • Implementation of the Responsible Care® Security Code at all its covered facilities. PPG revised and updated its Security Assessment (SVA) process for global manufacturing facilities in 2003.
    • Taking a risk-based approach, PPG has completed SVAs at all of its high priority facilities.
    • As of June 2006, 77% of total manufacturing facilities have been assessed. 50% of the facilities have been assessed within the last 36 months.
  • Establishment of a corporate value chain security leadership team to strengthen and improve global supply chain security.
  • Participation in the voluntary U.S. Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) to strengthen and improve international supply chain and cross border security.
  • Implementation of a formal program for business travel security, utilizing a travel risk rating service to categorize risks and establish appropriate security precautions.
  • Continuing efforts to maximize security by standardizing systems across a diverse group of business units and operating locations.