Sustainability at PPG

Employee Engagement

Valuing Diversity
At PPG, valuing diversity means recognizing the differences and similarities between people, cultures, businesses and operations. Diversity is not only corporate policy at PPG, it is a key part of how the company maintains its edge in a competitive global marketplace.
PPG monitors its success in creating a truly diverse, global workforce with careful attention to its gender and other diversity components, retention of employees, and talent management. The company believes in embracing the broadest aspects of diversity including business approach or style, religious background, job function, nationality, sexual preference and language. 


Diversity Leadership Council

PPG’s Diversity Leadership Council serves as the umbrella organization responsible for directing and advancing initiatives that drive the company’s commitment to diversity. Its mission is to champion, direct and facilitate initiatives that drive PPG’s commitment to fostering a climate that recognizes the business value of an engaged, globally diverse work force.

Learn more about the Diversity Council - CLICK HERE to visit the PPG Diversity website.

The Diversity Leadership Council is supported by five organizations with similar missions, each focused on a specific segment of the PPG workforce:

  • PPG’s Women’s Leadership Council seeks to be a strategic partner in the transformation of PPG into a stronger, more competitive global company by fostering a climate that recognizes the business value of women in the workplace and by creating a work environment that attracts, retains and advances women.
  • PPG’s Minority Leadership Council's mission is to increasingly make PPG a minority employer of choice through proactive efforts, including recruiting activities and skills-focused development programs.
  • PPG’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Council assists in creating a corporate environment that recognizes and supports LGBT employees, assists in PPG’s efforts to promote diversity and inclusion and helps identify best practices in a variety of areas affecting LGBT employees. Established in 2010, assists in creating a corporate environment that recognizes and supports LGBT employees. It helps to foster a culture of inclusion across the company, to include sexual orientation in appropriate policies and practices, and to provide an internal network supporting LGBT employees. For example, through the council’s efforts, beginning January 1, 2011, PPG is providing same-gender domestic partner benefits for U.S. salaried and non-union hourly employees. The same-gender partners of these employees, and their eligible child dependents, are eligible to enroll in PPG’s health care, dental and vision plans.
  • The EMEA Diversity Council fosters a more diverse workforce across PPG’s Europe, Middle East and Africa region. Together with corporate leadership, an EMEA diversity team is assisting the company’s businesses with promoting the benefits of a more diverse workforce and providing help in setting goals and tracking progress.
  • The PPG Generational Diversity Council, established in 2011, promote a fulfilling PPG work environment that attracts and retains young professionals and bridges generational gaps by encouraging all employees to understand and utilize each other’s strengths.