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The world runs on energy and demand is increasing at a rapid pace. Emerging world economies are accelerating demand, putting a strain on existing resources and global energy producers. As world markets seek new sources of energy, energy producers strive for more efficient, cleaner and lower cost production. 

PPG manufactures a steady stream of innovative products—coatings, glass and fiber glass—that deliver more efficient and economical ways to generate power from renewable energy resources derived from sources such as sun, wind and falling water. PPG produces the fiber glass, glass and coatings used to manufacture and protect equipment that generates renewable energy sources, such as wind turbines and solar panels.

Wind Energy
PPG fiber glass used in turbine blades for the North American wind energy market delivers high value because of key properties such as strength, stiffness, thermal stability and corrosion resistance. PPG coatings can extend blade life and improve blade performance. They have been engineered for the environment and for process efficiency.

Blade Composition: PPG has extensive experience in manufacturing fiber glass reinforcements for composites. Turbine blades made from fiber glass are strong and lightweight, making them more efficient and economical than other materials. PPG's unique chemical sizings are specially designed to enhance the bond between fiberglass and resin, improving fatigue performance and allowing for rapid and more complete wet-out.

Blade Coatings: PPG coatings have been engineered for the operating environment to extend blade life while improving performance. PPG offers a range of environmentally friendly technologies, including water-based liquid, high solids solvent borne offer excellent substrate and inter-coat adhesion, as well as improved fill and speed of dry properties. 

Tower Coatings: PPG is a world leader in protective and marine coatings (PMC) protecting customer assets in some of the world’s most demanding conditions and environments. PMC has a long and successful history in the power industry and an extensive track record in the wind energy market, currently providng tower coatings to a global customer base. PMC coating systems provide exceptional corrosion and weather resistance onshore and offshore with aesthetic appeal and can include PMC’s patented PSX polysiloxane, PSX® 700.

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PPG glass and coatings used in the manufacture of components of for reflector and photovoltaic panels improve the ability to capture solar energy efficiently for powering buildings and road signs or generating renewable energy.

Glass for solar panels: Solarphire PV glass is designed to maximize solar energy transmission for photovoltaic modules, thus making the collection of solar energy more efficient. Solarphire PV glass features exceptional clairty that delivers enhanced transmittance in the ultraviolet/visible portion of the solar spectrum, between 350 and 1100 nanometers, where crystalline photovoltaic cells are most responsive to the sun's energy. This clarity is the result of a proprietary glass formulation that allows Solarphire PV glass to transmit more solar energy than leading competitive products, which increases the energy efficiency of solar cells. 

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PPG’s Solar Performance Group
PPG is committed to making products that help customers to be more environmentally responsible. For example, the PPG Solar Performance Group, formed in September 2010, focuses on the continuous development and commercialization of glass and coatings technologies for the solar power industry. The group is dedicated to product and technology development, sales, manufacturing and technical support for durable, “green” coatings, adhesives and sealants.