Sustainability at PPG

Business Performance

Product Innovation - Products That Feature Environmental Benefits

New “green” PPG products—those engineered specifically to save energy or otherwise protect the environment—increased in 2011 to account for 47 percent of the projected cumulative five-year sales revenue of new products commercialized. This is a 41 percent increase over 2010. 

Planes and Automobiles

Many new products launched by PPG in 2011 support the transportation industry’s push for “lightweighting” and exceptional corrosion resistance using more environmentally-friendly coatings.

Desoprime™ CF/CA 7502 is a chromate-free primer with a proprietary corrosion-inhibition package. When combined with Desothane® HS or Desothane HD topcoat systems and Desogel™ EAP-9 metal

Jazz Aviation LP, Canada, has repainted two regional aircraft with the most advanced, “green” coatings system by PPG’s aerospace business. The aircraft were repainted with chromatefree Desothane® HD/CA 9000 basecoat/clearcoat, Desoprime™ CF/CA 7502 epoxy primer and DesoGel™EAP-9 metal pretreatment.
pretreatments by PPG, Desoprime CF/CA 7502 primer becomes part of a complete, “green” exterior coatings system that not only meets the rigors of the aerospace environment, but provides colorful, attractive aesthetics.

In the automotive industry, PPG debuted a Super High- Throw Electrocoat, featuring a proprietary formulation that enables coatings to penetrate recessed hard-to reach areas outside, under and inside a vehicle.

This significant advance improves the efficiency of the electrocoat process by limiting paint waste, extending metal life and contributes to reducing vehicle weight to improve fuel economy.

For commercial coatings paint distributors, PPG launched the Aquacron® Intermix Tinting System for its Aquacron line of water-based resins, enabling local PPG distributors to mix some 3,000 pre-formulated Aquacron colors right at their store locations. This product offers faster turnarounds on delivering low-VOC, water-based topcoat solutions for a range of commercial and industrial applications.

In the automotive refinish market, PPG launched Envirobase HP EC800 Ultra-Fast Clearcoat for high-volume collision-repair centers. In addition to delivering excellent gloss and appearance, the coatings reduce cycle times and meet all industryrelated volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions regulations. Repair center owners and the environment also benefit from lower energy consumption because EC800 does not require bake time in a paint booth. Additionally, PPG launched HS Express Clearcoat P190-6800, part of the Nexa Autocolor® line of products designed for use with the Aquabase® Plus system. The product is also designed to bypass the baking cycle, reducing total process time and necessary energy requirements, and is a “greener” waterborne technology as opposed to traditional solvent-based materials.

In Europe, PPG introduced DP3000 Enviro Primer Surfacer and Nexa Autocolor branded Eco+ Primer Surfacer, innovative automotive refinish products that are the first to incorporate recycled plastic flakes as a raw material. The development of these products is closely aligned with wider original equipment manufacturer (OEM) targets for increasing the percentage of recycled material used in car manufacture, and it also helps auto bodyshops to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. By using recycled plastic, specifically PET which is the plastic commonly found in drinks bottles and food packaging, PPG is helping to reduce waste that would otherwise take hundreds of years to decompose in landfill sites.