Each Regional Contributions Committee is responsible for authorizing charitable contributions on behalf of the company. The Executive Director, Corporate Global Social Responsibility reviews the entities and amounts of contributions for charitable giving of each involved region/country.

Criteria for Making Decisions/Recommendations

The Executive Director, Corporate Global Social Responsibility is available for charitable contributions consultation and advice as committees identify and review organizations, programs and projects.

  1. Contributions will be governed by local laws and a review of tax deductibility potential is with local country's tax laws not U.S.
  2. Appropriate due diligence must be completed with appropriate documentation before receiving funds. Examples include:
    • PPG or wholly-owned subsidiary locations to receive priority on funding opportunities
    • Where applicable (and if such a status is available) organizations must be registered charitable organizations
    • Organizational documents must be provided evidencing organization exists, how it is governed (e.g., articles of association, deed of trust, etc.) and where applicable, confirmation it is a registered charitable organization. (e.g., letter or certificate)
    • Tax deductibility potential
    • Legal and Regulatory Compliance Review
    • To qualify for a contribution, a request must receive approval from the majority of the Contributions Committee members present at the meeting. If only three members are present, the approval must be unanimous.
    • Contributions to political, religious, and non-registered associations are not encouraged. The Contributions Committee should exercise careful discretion and be thoughtful before approving a contribution to any organization.