By going outside the chemical boundaries of standard E-Glass, PPG developed INNOFIBER XM fiber glass - an alkaline earth aluminosilicate glass that provides excellent tensile modulus. In highly orientated composite applications - when performance is critical - INNOFIBER XM fiber glass provides up to 15% higher modulus performance. Clearly, a next generation fiber glass, INNOFIBER XM fiber glass enables one to explore new options and opportunities for fiber glass composite applications in the marketplace. The modulus performance of this mixed alkali glass unquestionably differentiates it from standard E-Glass. With a higher modulus mechanical property, lighter weight parts can be fabricated - and lighter weight parts result in less energy use.
  • Outperforms standard E-Glass in modulus up to 15%
  • Suitable for all highly oriented composite applications requiring higher structural performance than E-Glass
  • Enables energy savings:  
    • Longer wind blades at same tip deflection
    • Lighter automotive parts at same stiffness
  • Engineered for flexibility with various resin systems and fabrication processes
  • Processes with maximum wet out and saturation
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