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PPG Aerospace is a leading manufacturer of OEM (original equipment manufacturers) and replacement aircraft transparencies, PRC® and Pro-Seal™ aerospace sealants, DeSoto® aerospace coatings, Eldorado aircraft maintenance products, Semco® packaging & application systems, chemical management and framing repair services for the aerospace industry . Headquartered in California, PPG Aerospace operates 7 manufacturing facilities and 16 Application Support Centers (ASCs) around the world to offer local customer service and technical support. PPG Aerospace has been certified as a key supplier by the world's major commercial, military and business aviation aircraft manufacturers. PPG Aerospace is committed to developing environmentally friendly, performance enhancing and light-weight products to ensure our customers’ success.

PPG Aerospace Materials (Suzhou) Co. Ltd. 

PPG Aerospace (Suzhou) Co. Ltd. was established in March 2002 to suit the global strategy of the world’s major original equipment manufacturers and meet the needs of the rapidly growing Asia Pacific maintenance (MRO) market. It is one of 16 global Application Support Centers. PPG Suzhou was successfully qualified by Boeing’s Qualification System and was added to the list of qualified suppliers (QPL) and D1-4426 in October 2003. In January, 2007 PPG Suzhou was qualified by Airbus Qualification System. In March 2007, PPG Suzhou obtained CAAC approval for the design and manufacture of Civil Aerospace chemical products. In November, 2007 PPG Suzhou was granted the Maintenance Organization Certificate by CAAC, In July 2008, PPG Aerospace Materials Suzhou Windshield Repair Center has obtained FAA Certificate.  

PPG Aerospace (Suzhou) Co. Ltd is part of PPG Industries’ aerospace strategic business unit which was formed by combining the PRC-DeSoto and PPG Aerospace, Transparencies businesses. The main function of PPG Suzhou is to offer fast, convenient, flexible service for supplying high quality aerospace products -- coatings, sealants, transparencies, aircraft maintenance products, packaging, and chemical management. PPG Suzhou is dedicated to repackaging raw materials, color-making and blending according to requirements of aerospace customers in China, and ensuring fast, efficient delivery and product availability.

With the new regional Windshield Framing Repair Service, PPG Suzhou can now offer Asia Pacific customers window assembly overhaul and repair.