PPG Fiber Glass Introduction 

PPG Fiber Glass manufactures continuous-strand fiber glass products which include: chopped strands, chopped strand mats, continuous strand mats, single-end roving, long fiber technology (LFT) reinforcements, multi-end roving, no-twist yarn (NTY), wet chop, woven rovings, mutiaxial fabrics, texturized yarns, electronic and industrial yarns. These products are used in a wide range of applications such as: boats, tubs, showers, wind mill blades, reinforced pipe, aircraft laminates, insect screens, cement boards, foil insulation, high temperature fabrics, reinforced tape products, medical casting materials, automobile and appliance components, electronic printed circuit boards, and a variety of other composite items.

With five research centers around the world, PPG is a leader in developing innovative technology. PPG also continues to invest in Quality with programs such as Sigma Logic Methodology, Lean Enterprise, and Quality Action Teams (QAT) to provide value to customers through innovation and continuous improvements.

PPG has been investing in China since the 1980s. With more than 1400 employees in China, PPG is well represented with manufacturing facilities in Kunshan, Suzhou, Taiwan, Tianjin, and Zibo; as well as trading companies, representative offices, laboratories and training centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Nanjing. PPG Fiber Glass is a global leader serving our customers with eight world-wide manufacturing sites and a network of sales and technical support professionals.


PPG Fiber Glass Manufacturing Process Application Market
Single-end Roving Hand Lay-Up   Aerospace  
Multi-end Roving Spray-Up   Blast & Ballistics  
Chopped Strands   Filament Winding   Construction
Chopped Strand Mat   Preforming   Consumer
woven Roving Pultrusion   Corrosion
Bobbin Yarn Compression Molding   Electronics  
Texturized Yarn Extrusion   Energy
Injection Molding   Filtration
Braiding   Infrastructure
Multiaxial Weaving   Marine
Vacuum Bag Molding   Medical
Resin Transfer Molding Sports& Recreation