PPG Optical Products 

We invite you to explore the history of PPG Industries' commitment to the ophthalmic industry, from the origins of our CR-39® monomer to the development of Trivex® material and lens coatings--all considered breakthrough optical materials.  Learn about our foray into photochromic dyes with the introduction of Transitions® lenses from Transitions Optical, as well as the expansion of our presence in the sunlens and optical sheet industries with the acquisition Intercast Europe and the launch of Performance Sheet Solutions.

PPG Optical Products is comprised of the following businesses:

Optical Materials:   PPG is a leading producer of optical grade monomers used in the manufacture of ophthalmic lenses.

Trivex® lens material

Tribrid™ lens material

CR-39® monomer

Hi-Gard® lens coating

Intercast Europe srl.:  PPG acquired Intercast Europe, S.r.L. and related manufacturing operations in Thailand in May 2006.  Intercast Europe is a leading manufacturer of sunlenses, including NXT® performance sunlenses made with Trivex® material.

Performance Sheet Solutions: PPG manufacturers optical sheets for the consumer electronics, industrial process instrumentation, barcode scanners / optical filters, welding cover plate, and nuclear track detector industries.

Transitions Optical, Inc. :  Transitions Optical, a majority-owned subsidiary of PPG located in Pinellas Park, FL, manufactures Transitions® lenses, the leading plastic photochromic lens in the world.