VersaTint™ Photochromic Film 

VersaTint photochromic film enables a consistent high-performance solution for photochromic sun lenses. VersaTint film features photochromic dyes that respond to changing levels of UV exposure, providing wearers with an intelligent sun lens that is perfect for every second in the sun.


VersaTint photochromic performance is fast and consistent. The film starts at a light tint in low light and adjust to changing sunlight conditions, darkening within one minute of exposure to bright sunlight. Even after hours in the sun, VersaTint photochromic film returns to the base tint quickly and consistently when removed from bright sunlight.


VersaTint film is designed to be incorporated into multilayer substrates for sun wear like TAC polarized film for sunglasses. It is NOT recommended for use in architectural or automotive applications.


Polarized Photochromic lenses featuring VersaTint film are currently available from: