Performance Sheet Solutions 

PPG Performance Sheet Solutions are designed and engineered to be lightweight, age and chemical-resistant, mechanically durable and, above all, optically superior. Backed by PPG’s applied expertise and history in the optical industry, PPG Performance Sheet Solutions can be scientifically designed and engineered to meet your specific needs.

   Innovative Technology

With more than 60 years of experience engineering and producing quality optical materials, PPG delivers high-performance optical sheets.

Performance Sheet Solutions products are custom manufactured for the following original equipment markets:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Industrial process instrumentation
  • Barcode scanners and optical filters
  • Welding cover plates
  • Nuclear track detectors
   Advanced Performance

PPG optical sheet products offer crystal clear optics, rugged durability and lightweight performance.

   Custom Solutions

The ability to design and engineer to specific customer requirements offers the ultimate in design versatility.


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