PPG Silica Products for Battery Separators 

PPG is a leading global supplier of precipitated silica for microporous battery separators. Our Hi-Sil™ precipitated silicas are designed to be compatible and stable in lead acid battery systems. Several battery specific grades are available with different physical properties, such as oil absorption, bulk density and particle size, to ensure compatibility with a wide variety of formulations and manufacturing equipment.
  • Benefits - We offer a variety of silica products that are used to incorporate a porous, wettable network into the polymer matrix minimizing separator electrical resistance. The microporous nature of the resulting pore structure minimizes the potential for shorts through the separator due to dendrite growth.
  • Electrical and Puncture Resistance - Our products are developed with a combination of properties that provide low electrical resistance and high puncture resistance to meet industry requirements. This combination of physical properties also allows for good processability.

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