PPG Silica Products for Carrier Applications  

Our Hi-Sil™ precipitated silicas offer benefits to you regardless of your end use carrier application. Our products offer consistent and high loadings of active ingredients in agricultural products such as pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides, and are effective in vitamin premixes for animal feed. Hi-Sil silicas are also used as free flow agents providing excellent grinding and suspension aids in animal feed supplements. Additionally, our silica products are used as carriers in the rubber industry for dry liquid powder blends of rubber compounding additives, such as plasticizers, bonding agents and antioxidants.

As a carrier for rubber chemicals, Hi-Sil silicas provide consistent loading performance and high absorption capability. Our product is also a more cost-effective carrier than mined products such as diatomaceous earth-based calcium silicate.

  • Consistent Loading - Consistent loading of plasticizers and other rubber chemicals can be obtained with Hi-Sil ABS silica. Reproducible loadings of up to 75% active ingredient are obtainable. The following dry liquid dispersions have been prepared using Hi-Sil ABS silica as a carrier: coumarone-indene resins, HMMM, DBEEA, DBP, DBS, DOP, DOS, DOZ, liquid nitrile elastomer, petrolatum, polyester sebacate and glutarate, tributoxyethyl phosphate and miscellaneous process oils.
  • High Absorption - Hi-Sil ABS silica agglomerate particles have a highly porous uniform structure for maximum absorption.
  • Cost Effective - The average bulk density of Hi-Sil ABS silica is greater than that of calcium silicate derived from diatomaceous earth. This results in lower transportation costs for Hi-Sil ABS silica, as well as for the dry liquid dispersion manufactured with Hi-Sil ABS silica. Hi-Sil ABS silica has a specific gravity of 2.0, as compared to 2.3 for diatomaceous earth-based calcium silicate. This represents an additional cost savings because Hi-Sil ABS silica-based dispersions offer rubber formulators greater weight of active ingredient per volume.
  • Superior Color Formulating - The pure white color of Hi-Sil ABS silica allows a wide latitude in formulating colored or translucent rubber compounds.

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