PPG Silica Products for the Coatings Industry 

Developed specifically for the coatings industry, PPG offers a wide variety of precipitated silica flatting agents that reduce the gloss of paints, varnishes, lacquers and other finishes. We also offer a product line of precipitated silica thickening agents that are rheology modifiers and anti-sag/suspension agents for a broad range of plastisols, inks, adhesives, caulks, and sealants.
  • Flatting Agents - Our Lo-Vel™ Flatting Agents may be treated or non-treated. They offer high flatting efficiency, low oil adsorption, excellent dispersibility and yield high clarity in films. Stir-in capable grades are available. Additionally, our flatting agents can be used in solvent or water-based coatings, as well as high solids, 100% solids and 2K systems.
  • Thickening Agents - Our Hi-Sil™ Thickening Agents are compatible with a range of flocculants, associative thickeners, and dispersion aids. Our products have the ability to adjust rheology without changing other system characteristics and they offer enhanced thixotropy in non-polar solvent systems.


Available Sales Literature
PPG Silica Products Coatings Capabilities Brochure
PPG Hi-Sil™ Thickening Agent Summary Sell Sheet
PPG Lo-Vel™ Non-Treated Summary Sell Sheet
PPG Lo-Vel™ Wax-Treated Summary Sell Sheet
PPG Lo-Vel™ 6200 Sell Sheet
PPG Lo-Vel™ 8100 Sell Sheet
PPG Lo-Vel™ 8100 Performance Data Sheet
PPG Inhibisil™ 33 Sell Sheet
PPG Inhibisil™ 73 Sell Sheet
PPG Inhibisil™ 75 Sell Sheet


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Flatting Agents Non-Treated
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