PPG Silica Products for the Food Industry 

Our Flo-Gard™ silicas are precipitated synthetic silicon dioxide products designed specifically for making granular and powdered food materials free-flowing. These products meet the criteria established by Food Chemicals CODEX and the Code of Federal Regulations. Flo-Gard silica products are chemically inert, have a neutral pH, are pure white and free-flowing, and do not affect the color, taste, odor or nature of the product. Our silicas are versatile, cost-effective alternatives to other flow conditioners because they provide equivalent anti-caking efficiency at lower loadings.

Flo-Gard silicas are effective across a wide variety of applications, including cheeses, non-dairy creamers, food flavors, seasonings, and as a tabletting aid for vitamin supplements. Our products are Kosher approved for Passover and suitable for year-round use.

Flo-Gard AB silica is specifically designed for use as an anti-caking agent for food products high in oils or fats, and also for converting hard-to-handle liquids into free flowing powders.

Flo-Gard FF has the flexibility to be used as a flow-aid in both processed food products and for food products high in oils or fats.

Flo-Gard SP silica is highly absorptive and the most effective flow conditioning ingredient available for control of caking, compaction and flowability in most processed food products.

  • Efficient Blending - Flo-Gard SP silica blends easily. Because of its fine, uniform particle size it requires no pre-blending. It can be metered directly into the process stream, mixer or spray drier.
  • Easier Processing - Flo-Gard SP silica does not agglomerate making processing easier. At the same time, this flow conditioning silica requires no changes in the user’s current handling procedure.
  • Reduced Dust Levels - PPG has developed a test method to measure plant dust levels. In some applications, end use products containing Flo-Gard SP silica have significantly lower dust levels than those containing competitive anti-caking agents.
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