Durable Product Tags & Labels 

Durable product labels made with Teslin substrate label stock

The Synthetic Paper for Durable Product Labels and Tags that Stand Up to Punishing Environments

No matter what your business or industry, Teslin® substrate synthetic paper enables a durable tag and label solution that’s perfect for you.  From industrial product identification and warning labels for hazardous materials to traceability labels for food and pharmaceuticals, Teslin substrate has become one of the most widely trusted and proven synthetic papers for durable and secure product labels. Teslin substrate synthetic provides water- and chemical-resistance, as well as high print quality, especially for applications that require individual labels with variable information. 

Teslin substrate delivers a variety of performance benefits for durable product label substrates, including:  
  • Water and chemical resistance (conforms to BS 5609 Marine and Laboratory Performance of Label Base Materials for immersion in seawater) 
  • Long-lasting, high print definition
  • Fast drying of toners and inks to boost production throughput 
  • Receptivity to a variety of adhesive systems, enabling customized solutions for specialized labeling needs 
  • Flexibility and conformability to accommodate expansion for container-fill applications

Durable Protection of Critical Information and Brand Images

Teslin substrate synthetic paper delivers essential attributes for durable product label performance.  In addition to being water-, chemical-, and tear-resistant – because inks penetrate deeply into its single-layer structure – Teslin synthetic paper stands up better than other synthetic paper label stocks to abrasion, scratches and scuffing. 

Combined with its foldability, pliability and cold-crack resistance, these attributes protect information and safeguard brands in even the most challenging environments.


Print Versatility … From Bar Codes to Safety Labels

Compatible with a wide range of print technologies and finishing techniques, Teslin substrate works with a variety of fixed and variable printing methods – including offset, ink jet, laser, thermal transfer, screen and micro-printing – to deliver long-lasting, high text resolution of product information, bar codes, QR codes and other scannable data used on durable product labels. 

Unlike other synthetic substrates, Teslin substrate also can readily accommodate laser-based print customization of single labels with variable information.

Performance Benefits for Specialty Labeling Applications

The versatility of Teslin synthetic paper substrate extends beyond durability and printability to provide other key benefits such as:

  • Compatibility with sterilization technologies such as gamma irradiation and steam purification for durable blood-bag labels and other medical labeling applications
  • Static-dissipative and low-particulate properties for durable product labels in volatile chemical and clean room environments 
  • A microporous structure that enables selective gas permeation for critical food and medical packaging applications
  • The ability to be integrated with customizable security features to provide intelligent functionality to label stock. Through the use of taggants, supply chain security labels produced with Teslin substrate can be linked to specific production runs, lot numbers, or individual project requirements.

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Typical Durable Label Applications

  • Pressure-sensitive / self-adhesive labels
  • In-mold labels
  • Security labels and packaging
  • Drum, pallet and shipping labels
  • Identification, safety and warning labels
  • Food and beverage packaging labels
  • Blood bag labels
  • Medical and pharmaceutical labels
  • Cleanroom labels
  • Nursery and horticulture tags

Recommended Grades for Durable Product Labels and Tags

Recommended Thickness

  • 7 mil
  • 10 mil