Laminated Cards and Key Tags 

The possibilities are endless with Teslin substrate’s amazing flexibility and versatility.

The game-changing technology delivered by Teslin substrate enables unmatched durability and performance characteristics, making Teslin substrate ideal for a wide variety of card projects including loyalty, insurance and healthcare applications.

Card Applications

Card manufacturing applications demand materials that are flexible and easy-to-print to prolong card life and maintain card appearance. Teslin substrate meets those needs efficiently and cost-effectively.

Typical Card End Uses


-  Loyalty Cards

-  Healthcare Cards

-  Financial Cards

Teslin substrate forms exceptionally strong laminating bonds in multi-layer composite cards. It can be printed using nearly any combination of fixed and variable printing methods, and can be platen or roll laminated. These unique characteristics combine to make Teslin substrate the standard by which card systems are measured in terms of durability and cost performance.


Standard Card Construction

By incorporating easy-to-print Teslin® substrate into composite cards service life is extended.