Pressure-Sensitive Labels / Self-Adhesive Labels 

durable pressure sensitive label paper for product identification

The Synthetic Paper for Durable Pressure-Sensitive Labels That Survive Tough Environments

Teslin® synthetic paper is ideal for durable, waterproof pressure-sensitive labels for shipping containers, industrial drums, blood bags, medical packaging, and pallet, shipping and supply-chain labels, to name a few uses.

Compare the performance benefits of Teslin substrate to other conventional and synthetic label stocks and discover why it is an ideal solution for pressure-sensitive labels:

  • Resistance to water, abrasion, chemical and solvents.
    Critical data printed on Teslin synthetic paper is protected throughout its life from distortion caused by many common hazards encountered during shipping, handling, storage and use.
  • Compatibility with digital printing technologies.
    For durable label applications that require processing with multiple printing technologies, including laser printing, Teslin synthetic paper is the most versatile choice.
  • Extreme durability of the label and the information it contains.
    Teslin substrate passes BS5609 seawater immersion testing, so labels stay affixed longer and look better than those made with other substrates. Due to its microporous nature, the substrate absorbs inks and toners that would normally sit on the surface of other synthetic papers and printable plastics, making high-definition text, bar codes and other critical tracking data virtually impregnable.
  • Bonds strongly with all types of temporary or permanent adhesive systems.
    Teslin substrate can be customized for pressure-sensitive label applications to bond strongly with microsphere, low-temperature, high-temperature, food-grade and medical-grade adhesives.
  • Flexibility and conformability.
    Great for pressure-sensitive labels that need to expand for blood bags and other container-fill applications.


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Typical Application Uses

  • Drum, pallet and shipping labels
  • Industrial labels
  • Sea containers
  • Identification, safety and warning labels
  • Tamper-evident labels
  • Food and beverage packaging labels
  • Blood bag labels
  • Medical and pharmaceutical labels

Recommended Grades for Pressure-Sensitive Labels

Recommended Thickness

  • 7 mil