RFID & SmartCards 

Teslin substrate enables cost effective production of durable, secure, high-performance ePassport inlays, smartcards and keytags, as well as RFID inlays, tags and labels, and cards.

Extended IC Service life

Delivering a unique combination of electronics cushioning, static dissipation, flexibility over a broad temperature range (-70₀C to 200₀C), and physical/chemical durability, Teslin substrate extends the service life of electronic cards and credentials.


Reduce Costs and Simplify Processing

— The ability to print on both sides of Teslin substrate means verbiage, graphics, photos, and/or barcodes can be printed on the surface opposite incorporated electronics, allowing single-substrate inlay, RFID tag and label construction. Processing durability coupled with equipment and material compatibility provides potential yield improvement.

Enhanced Performance

Teslin substrate’s microporosity, superior adhesion, and low dielectric constant optimize performance in harsh RFID environments and facilitate design of distant read range systems and smaller form factors.

Strengthened Security

Teslin substrate is inherently tamper resistant and tamper evident. For added security, customized covert and forensic elements can be incorporated within Teslin substrate during production. This security-grade substrate is produced and sold within a controlled supply chain. 

Recommended Product Grades

Depending on your application and required level of security, choose from our traditional product line ( Teslin SP ) or Teslin security-grade substrates. Both product lines are available in thicknesses from 6 mils / 152 microns to 18 mils / 457 microns and in rolls or sheets.

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Integrated Circuit (IC) Card Construction

Independent laboratory testing demonstrates that incorporating Teslin® substrate into polycarbonate (PC) eCards improves read range and extends card and IC service life, while reducing unit cost over all-PC cards.