Traditional Teslin substrate products and new Teslin security grade materials afford a unique set of benefits to optimize the durability, security, and performance of: 

  • E-Passports
  • Security cards and e-cards
  • Identification credentials and breeder documents such as social security cards, birth certificates, drivers licenses, voter registrations, visas, national IDs 
  • RFID tags and labels for logistics (tracking, tracing, and locating)
  • Packaging (e.g., pharmaceutical products) 
  • Product branding / brand authentication

Recommended Product Grades

Depending on your application and required level of security, choose from our traditional product line ( Teslin SP ) or Teslin security-grade substrates.

Both product lines are available in thicknesses from 6 mils / 152 microns to 18 mils / 457 microns and in rolls or sheets.

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In security applications, traditional Teslin substrate

  • Exhibits inherent tamper-resistant / tamper-evident character for a “first-line-of-defense”
  • Enhances the durability of all-polycarbonate (PC) or all-polyvinyl chloride (PVC) cards when used as composite-card print layer(s), retaining laser engraving or embossing capability 
  • Extends the service life of e-passports, e-cards, and RFID cards, tags and labels by cushioning and protecting antennas and integrated chips (ICs)
  • Resists tearing, abrasion, and chemical attack 
  • Provides thermal stability required for in-mold packaging applications 
  • Can be readily printed with photos, microtext, bar codes, and security inks using a variety of technologies including security printing and digital personalization 
  • Forms adhesive bonds that are 2-10X as strong as those of paper or other plastics, resisting delamination 

Offers the flexibility of platen or high-throughput roll lamination

And now, Teslin Security-Grade Substrate

– Incorporates customized combinations of covert and forensic elements within Teslin substrate during production
  • Not accessible on the surface for illicit alteration
  • Simplifies security product processing
    • Ensures supply chain security
  • Controlled raw materials, fabricated product, waste and trim
  • Secure supply chain: sold only directly from PPG under security contract
– Enables customers to choose from various security feature options
  • Produced to unique customer specifications
  • Pre-qualification of select overt features