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synthetic paper application examples using Teslin substrate

A unique synthetic paper that combines the durability benefits of printable plastic with game-changing performance capabilities.

Teslin® substrate is a durable synthetic paper that delivers easy, high-quality print, unmatched lamination capabilities and tamper-evident security benefits for applications including tags and labels, laminated cards and key tags, secure credentials and labels, RFIDs and smart cards, print and laminated materials, and in-mold goods and labels.  Not only does Teslin synthetic paper ensure extended durability and secure print, it improves performance in a variety of technology-focused uses such as e-Passports and RFID cards and labels. 

Teslin synthetic paper is different from other synthetic papers and printable plastics because it is a single-layer, microporous material that delivers a variety of high-performance benefits that simply cannot be achieved with less durable or less flexible synthetic papers that rely on a coating technology or multi-layer construction. And, unlike other synthetics that require special inks and long dry-times, Teslin substrate can be printed with conventional inks and toners that set nearly instantaneously.

Request samples of Teslin synthetic paper substrateLearn about the game-changing benefits Teslin substrate high-performance synthetic paper delivers, or visit the Products section to find the product grade that addresses your specific application.

Featured Products

Teslin Security-Grade substrate

Teslin Security-Grade Substrate

Inherently tamper-evident, Teslin substrate can be customized with security features to enable high-performance security credentials and identification cards. Contact us for more information on how to secure your project with Teslin Security-Grade synthetic paper.

  Teslin Food-Grade substrate is a durable paper option for food labels.

Teslin Food-Grade Substrate

Have a food packaging or labelling application?Teslin Food-Grade substrate is a synthetic paper that fully complies with the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and all related food-additive regulations for food-contact applications. Learn more about the many uses of our Teslin Food-Grade material. 

substrate is available in a range of product grades to address specific performance and application needs. Visit the
Products Section to learn more.

Lumit is a trademark and Teslin is a registered trademark of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.