Technical Information 

Teslin® substrate is truly a unique material with exceptional performance attributes. Its microporous structure enables Teslin substrate to be soft, but strong, readily absorb inks, have a high bond-ability, be water-resistant, highly printable, flexible and durable.

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Properties and Characteristics
Teslin substrate is a dimensionally stable, highly filled, single layer, microporous film. It is polyolefin-based with 60% of its weight comprised of non-abrasive filler and 65% of its volume comprised of air.

Print Process Compatibility
A wide range of printing and fabricating techniques is compatible with Teslin substrate. It can be printed or imaged with offset, monochrome laser, color laser, flexography, gravure, letterpress, intaglio, thermal transfer, ink jet, and screen-printing processes. 

Download the Teslin substrate Print Compatibility chart (pdf)
Download the Teslin substrate Digital Printing Compatibility matrix (pdf) 

Finishing Techniques
A number of finishing techniques and fabricating methods can also be used with Teslin substrate, including perforating, punching, folding, sewing and grommeting, and foil stamping and embossing.