Inkjet Printing 

Aqueous Ink Jet: Teslin substrate readily accepts aqueous ink jet images. The high absorptive capacity of the microporous substrate sets ink drops with little dot gain or wicking. With low-resolution ink jet printers, this may give the impression of a light image. Colors produced with aqueous ink jet inks on Teslin substrate are shifted somewhat compared to those produced on cellulose paper. Pigment containing black ink in the Hewlett-Packard DeskJet 1200C and 650C printers has good color stability and fade resistance.
Teslin IJ WP 1000 substrate is specially treated with a PPG-developed coating. The sheet is optimized for inkjet printability and yields photo-realistic images. The coating is also optimized to laminate with standard thermal laminating films and to print with dye-based aqueous inkjet inks in both wide and narrow formats.

Phase Change Ink Jet: Excellent images can be produced with phase change ink jet printers on Teslin substrate. However, the low melting point of wax inks and the thick layer on the surface of Teslin substrate will give severe image smearing if the printed piece is laminated with a thermal laminating film.