Laser Printers and Copiers 

Mono-chrome: Teslin SPID substrate is a coated version of Teslin SP substrate which is designed for tray feeding in laser printers and single color copiers. Teslin SPID 1000 and 1400 substrates can be fed through some laser printers and copiers if the sheets are fed individually or interleaved with paper. PPG does not recommend Teslin SP 700 or 800 substrates for laser printing. Multiple feeds are common if tray feeding is attempted. Some loss in lamination peel strength with thermal laminating films is noted with toner imaged Teslin SPID substrate.
In laser print applications where registration of the toner image with preprinted information is critical, either Teslin SPID or Teslin TS substrates are recommended. These materials have been stabilized to limit shrinkage to < 1%. In a pressure-sensitive format with the proper adhesive and liner, Teslin SP 700 substrate can be fed in laser printers.
In the pressure sensitive format, the release liner provides adequate sheet-to-sheet slip for successful tray feeding. The proper PSA must be specified to avoid adhesive squeeze-out at sheet edges leading to adhesive deposits on the transport surfaces and internal jams.

Color Copiers: Teslin synthetic printing substrates have been imaged in certain models of Canon, QMS, Xerox, Kodak, Konica, Tektronix, Ricoh, and Minolta color copiers and printers, and certain Canon black & white printers and copiers which encompass the following original equipment manufacturers: Hewlett Packard, Brother, Lasermaster, QMS and Lexmark/IBM. However, equipment options in this field change rapidly. Contact PPG for the most current information regarding compatibility of Teslin substrate in such machines.

Digital Printers (Xeikon ®, Indigo ®, Omnibus ®): For laser-based digital printers with Xeikon or Indigo engines, use Teslin digital 1000 substrate. The Teslin digital substrate does not require sapphire coating to run in these systems. This grade is available in the appropriate roll and sheet configuration for these digital printers.