Screen Printing 

Teslin substrate is compatible with screen printing due to its excellent layflat and ink holdout. Unlike typical polyethylene film materials, inks on Teslin substrate will set by absorption. Therefore, drying temperatures should be ambient to no more than 90 °F.

The surface tension of Teslin substrate is broad, since its surface contains both hydrophilic and hydrophobic sites. This means that dye level is not a concern when specifying inks. Conventional inks are preferred to "aggressive" polyethylene inks. Job set-up should include testing of inks and drying temperatures to ensure the best screen printing results.

Screen Ink Recommendations for Teslin Substrate:

Ink Supplier Designation Cure Agent
Naz-Dar 7200 Series Air Dry
9700 Series Air Dry
KC Coatings System 2 - 9700 Series Air Dry
System 2 - 770 series Air Dry
Sinclair & Valentine TMI Series UV Curable
Sericol Special Poly Air Dry
Industrial Lacquer Air Dry
Plas-Tec Air Dry
Mylar K-45500 Catalyst
Sinvaqua K-87274 Crosslinker
Sinvacure UVII UV curable