People Overview

PPG people make it happen.

Our people strategies provide the foundation for our team members to thrive, deliver and grow, enabling them to deliver exceptional performance and live our purpose to protect and beautify the world. We remain committed to being a purpose-driven organization where our entire diverse workforce is engaged and can bring their best self to work.

By creating and fostering an inclusive culture throughout PPG, we continue to become a more innovative, productive and competitive company. We know that diverse teams perform better, which is why we work to enable all employees to show up as their best selves. Learn more in our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion section.

The PPG Way defines the values we live by, and helps cultivate our company culture of ownership, empowerment and inclusiveness. It helps enable and engage employees to deliver world-class performance. In 2022, we introduced The PPG Way to Lead, a science based behavioral competency model based on the six tenets of The PPG Way. This model identifies specific behaviors that employees at all levels can use to become better leaders. We have formally incorporated The PPG Way to Lead into our talent processes, starting with performance management, assessment and hiring. Learn more about how we are improving our leadership at every level of the company in the Learning and Leadership Development section.


Our employee recognition and development programs drive employee engagement and help retain our best talent at PPG. Over the past year, we leveraged our employee listening strategy to understand employee sentiment related to hybrid work. We deployed multiple surveys and focus groups to gauge effectiveness, drive productivity and determine how best to support people leaders and all employees. We plan to expand our listening strategy to other business priorities in the coming years. Learn more in the Engagement section.

Our world-class safety and wellness programs protect the overall well-being of our people. Last year, we expanded our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offering to all employees. We also launched our first global Financial Wellness program designed to help employees understand their finances so they are able to achieve or retain financial security.  We continued to embed a culture of safety throughout the company in 2022 by leveraging our global environmental health and safety management system, supported by a series of initiatives that address the unique environments of our operations. Learn more in our Safety and Health and Wellness sections.

We extend our efforts into the communities where we operate, to Protect and Beautify the World beyond the scope of our operations. Over the last year, we have collaborated with global colleagues, communities and neighbors to help our communities thrive. Learn more in the Community Engagement section.

Multi-year data highlights

Number of employees

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Numbers are average for the full year and include PPG joint ventures.

2022 employees by region

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Asia PacificEurope, Middle East and AfricaLatin AmericaU.S. and CanadaTotal
Not specified0574061

Numbers are as of Dec. 31, 2022.

2022 employees by employee type

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Not specified601

Numbers are as of Dec. 31, 2022.