ENNIS-FLINT® by PPG Heating Equipment & Accessories

StreetHeat heater outdoors

ENNIS-FLINT® by PPG StreetHeat® Infrared Heaters

Ennis-Flint by PPG StreetHeat infrared heaters give certified applicators or regulatory users the ability to easily apply preformed thermoplastic markings and create an impression in the asphalt surface using a combination of heat, a wire rope stamping template and a plate compactor.

  • Ennis-Flint by PPG SR-120 Reciprocating Heater 
  • Ennis-Flint by PPG SR-28 Reciprocating Heater 
  • Ennis-Flint by PPG SR-60 Reciprocating Heater 
  • Ennis-Flint by PPG SR-60HB Reciprocating Heater 
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Propane heat torch

Propane Heat Torches

PPG’s Traffic Solutions business offers two specially designed propane heat torches for installing preformed thermoplastic pavement markings and adhesives.

  • Ennis-Flint by PPG 3000 EX Heat Torch 
  • Ennis-Flint by PPG Magnum Heat Torch
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