Hot-Applied Thermoplastic

Curved roadway with white and yellow lines

PAVEMARK® Hot-Applied Thermoplastic

Formulated to meet AASHTO as well as many state specifications, PAVEMARK® hot-applied thermoplastic is the workhorse line of hot-applied thermoplastics.

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Large machine applying markings to a roadway

PERMALINE® Hot-Applied Thermoplastic

PERMALINE® hot-applied thermoplastic is an outstanding pavement marking formulated for use on asphalt and concrete.

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Hot-Applied Thermoplastic being applied to a roadway.

THERMO-QUIK® Hot-Applied Thermoplastic

THERMO-QUIK® hot-applied thermoplastic makes an excellent maintenance coating for touching up worn traffic lines or as a paint alternative for skip lines, edge lines, or centerlines.

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Hot applied thermoplastic on a roadway

VIBRALINE® Hot-Applied Thermoplastic

VIBRALINE® hot-applied thermoplastic is a specialized structured pavement marking material, which can be used as a profiled edge line marking to enhance wet night visibility.

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THERMODROP Pelletized Hot-Applied Thermoplastic

THERMODROP® Pelletized Hot-Applied Thermoplastic

THERMODROP® pelletized hot-applied thermoplastic material is a premium, pre-melted, homogenous and fully encapsulated pavement marking compound that is provided in a free-flowing pelletized form.

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