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PPG VERSOLON™ Solventborne Coatings

Formulated with advanced resin technologies, our solvent-based liquid primers and topcoats range from quick dry enamels to innovative, two-component urethanes. These products create excellent surface protection over a variety of metal and plastic substrates.

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AQUACRON® Waterborne Coatings

Aquacron® waterborne liquid primers and topcoats deliver breakthrough technology and environmentally responsible alternatives to solvent-based liquid coatings while presenting strong protection where flammability and solvent exposure issues are critical.

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PPG's flagship powder coating brand is available in a wide variety of tough finishes and specialty formulations, including high transfer efficiency and single-coat applications.

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The Delfleet Essential® product portfolio offers single-stage and basecoat options and is designed to be a simple-to-manage, economical, yet fully functional paint solution. The single stage system requires only a minimal inventory to deliver impressive quality with thousands of color options. For added convenience, factory-packaged colors are available in white, black and flat black.

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