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AQUACRON® 200 Topcoats

Aquacron® 200 waterborne acrylic urethane enamels deliver a high-end rustic aesthetic and excellent substrate protection. They are available in semi-transparent colors and allow applicators to create stain-like finishes over a variety of primed substrates, including engineered, pre-primed boards such as LP® SMARTSIDE® and DURATEMP® products.

AQUACRON® 200 Topcoats Sell Sheet

AQUACRON® 100 Topcoats

Aquacron® 100 acrylic enamels provide ease of application with excellent sag resistance. They are available in a palette of solid colors, as well as custom colors. Substrates for these enamels include LP SmartSide, DuraTemp and other engineered, pre-primed boards, as well as T-111 wood siding.

AQUACRON® 100 Topcoats Sell Sheet