Truck Refurbishment


DELFLEET ONE® Premium Coatings

Our top-of-the-line Delfleet One® system delivers unparalleled color capability, superior coverage and durability, while offering low VOC ratings. Next generation toners provide full capability for direct gloss, basecoat and matte colors.  Easy to spray, painters will appreciate system features such as good rivet hang and excellent speed control. Warranties are available with 5- and 7-year options.

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The Delfleet Essential® product portfolio offers single-stage and basecoat options and is designed to be a simple-to-manage, economical, yet fully functional paint solution. The single stage system requires only a minimal inventory to deliver impressive quality with thousands of color options. For added convenience, factory-packaged colors are available in white, black and flat black.

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This advanced system features a versatile selection of premium-quality direct gloss, basecoat, clearcoat, solvent and undercoat products, so a system can be configured to meet specific requirements for durability, gloss and productivity. Approved by OEMs, warranties are available with 3-, 5- and 7-year options.

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ONECHOICE® Commercial

These products offer solutions to suit a range of needs, application requirements and sectors. Products include wax and grease removers, pot life extenders and curing additives, spot repair blending solutions, as well as low-VOC cleaners and high build additives.

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