Wheel Refurbishment



PPG's flagship powder coating brand is available in a wide variety of tough finishes and specialty formulations, including high transfer efficiency and single-coat applications.

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ENVIROCRON® HTE (High Transfer Efficiency) Coatings

Engineered for ease of application, durability and performance on complex metal parts and surfaces, Envirocron® HTE coatings have faster application build-rates than traditional coatings on components with recessed cavities, tubular shapes and other intricate, difficult-to-coat wheel surfaces.

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Designed exclusively to meet the unique requirements of wheel coaters and wheel refurbishers, Envirocron® HTE Max polyester coatings represent a revolutionary step forward in protection for large truck wheels. Offering the same great transfer efficiencies as Envirocron® HTE Max coatings offer up to three times the corrosion resistance of traditional single-coat powders, but without the higher labor costs and longer process time associated with more durable primer/topcoat systems.

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ONECHOICE® SXA330 Wax and Grease Remover

PPG has developed an affordable solution for fast wheel refurbishments, with consistent quality, and without the use of a paint booth. OneChoice® Wax and Grease Remover is used to clean the wheel surface after you abrade the wheel surface to remove corrosion and scuff the rest of the wheel using a SCOTCH-BRITE pad.

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