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Potlife Extender

Discontinued Product Codes P300-9003

Hardener for Clearcoats

Hardeners & Catalysts P315-3511

Multi-Purpose Clear Hardener - Fast

Hardeners & Catalysts P315-3531

Multi-Purpose Clear Hardener - Medium

Hardeners & Catalysts P315-3532

Multi-Purpose Clear Hardener - Slow

Hardeners & Catalysts P315-3533

2.1 VOC 1K Primer Surfacer-Gray (Canada)

Discontinued Product Codes P330-2300


Gold Diamonds

Discontinued Product Codes P352-3102

Copper Diamonds

Discontinued Product Codes P352-3107

HS Clearcoat

Clearcoats P390-4000


Rapid Clear

Clearcoats P390-4001


Multi-Purpose Clear

Discontinued Product Codes P390-4003


2.1 VOC Production Clear (Canada)

Discontinued Product Codes P390-4006


Medium Thinner

Reducers Thinners & Solvents P830-2075

Slow Thinner

Reducers Thinners & Solvents P830-2085

Very Slow Thinner

Discontinued Product Codes P830-2095

Heavy Duty Precleaner

Discontinued Product Codes P850-2367

Value-PRO Additives

Additives RM2620


ValuPro Acrylic Enamel

Discontinued Product Codes VA


ValuPro Acrylic Enamel (Activated)

Discontinued Product Codes VA

VA White

Discontinued Product Codes VA-WT57

Features and Benefits

The Value-Pro® line offers cost-effective clearcoats, hardeners, and thinners that deliver quality performance.

Increased productivity

Value-Pro® features easy-to-use products that dry quickly. These properties, together with competitive pricing and proven performance, make the Value-Pro® compact mixing system ideal for busy repair shops that need to maintain or increase their productivity.

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From digital devices and intuitive software to printed color decks and tint posters, PPG offers a multitude of tools to help achieve a precise color match for industry-standard and custom colors and finishes.

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