Color Devices

Modernize your refinish operations with industry-leading digital hardware

From spectrophotometers to our automatic paint mixing system MOONWALK®, our hardware color tools are created using the latest technology to ensure PPG Refinish customers stay ahead of the industry.

While our team of experts has created incredibly innovative pieces of kit, our hardware goes beyond the physical, connecting to the cloud, to each other and PPG color software - creating a truly digital experience across all refinish processes. Connect your mixing room to your spray room and beyond.


Discover MoonWalk®, PPG's revolutionary automated paint mixing system

Since its launch in June 2019, the MoonWalk®system has been setting a new standard in paint mixing processes across the globe and receiving recognition from the refinish industry, winning awards for its innovation and sustainability.

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Compact, fast, easy-to-use spectrophotometer

The new PPG spectrophotometer is the best of both worlds: small design plus enhanced technology. PPG DigiMatch has a functional ergonomic design that is lightweight and can be used with one hand, while also boasting a digital color camera packed with technology. The camera's 6 imaging angles, with additional 6 reflectance angles, provide texture information to help retrieve the correct formula matches, quickly and efficiently.

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Advanced color matching technology in a range of powerful, hand-held devices

Spectrophotometers are an essential element in refinish repairs. When used correctly, they deliver high-accuracy readings of colors on vehicles or light industrial components, providing confidence for painters and repairers in match rating and texture information.

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Kontron Touchscreen

High-resolution, heavy-duty monitor specially designed for the mixing room

The Kontron touchscreen monitor is a heavy-duty, high-resolution monitor specially designed for the mixing room. The monitor easily connects to a computer outside the mixing room – no conduit required.

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Mixing Equipment

Systems, storage and accessories for a streamlined mixing room

High-quality mixing equipment can not only ensure optimal color accuracy and paint performance, but also helps to maintain a safe and organized environment for technicians.

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PPG's range of training programs offer support, guidance and certification. Covering both technical services and business solutions, our comprehensive courses help to maximize productivity and profitability.

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Distributor Locator

PPG Refinish delivers technologically advanced paint systems across North America by partnering with a large network of more than 2,500 expert, independent distributors.

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Color Tools

From digital devices and intuitive software to printed color decks and tint posters, PPG offers a multitude of tools to help achieve a precise color match for industry-standard and custom colors and finishes.

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At PPG refinish, we offer more than just products and services. We are here to guide you on the road to success with tools and support that help you achieve the best results.

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